Québec Azure BootCamp 2017

L'ENAP, Québec (Siège social)
April 22, 2017 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Tidjani Belmansour

Jean-François Doré

Speaker: Jean-François Doré

Microsoft - Cloud Solution Architect


Presenting Sessions

The Azure UnKnow

Frédérick Dugas

Speaker: Frédérick Dugas

Microsoft - Sr Consultant - Modern App Domain

Frederick is a senior technical leader with deep experience and knowledge to enabled business through Microsoft Technology. He has 19 years of working experience across a wide range of projects and technologies from modern mobile application to mission critical integration solutions. In the last 13 years as a senior consultant in Microsoft Services, his area of focus was mainly tier-1 solution architecture in the biggest public sector customers.


Presenting Sessions

Mot de Bienvenue
Chalt talk - Azure Networking (niveau 300)
FEQ - Case Study - Q&A

André Girard

Speaker: André Girard

Cofomo - Directeur du Centre d'Expertise Microsoft

Monsieur Girard possède d'excellentes connaissances techniques en programmation et en architecture logicielle sous Windows avec des langages-objets comme Visual Basic.Net et C#. Il possède de nombreuses années d'expérience en développement de systèmes dans les technologies Microsoft. Au cours de ses interventions, il a agi à titre de formateur, d'accompagnateur technique, d’architecte organique et d’analyste-programmeur.


Presenting Sessions

Choisir entre Flow, Logic Apps, Functions et WebJobs (Azure)

Gabriel Gosselin

Speaker: Gabriel  Gosselin

AFI Expertise - Leader Cloud Solutions


Presenting Sessions

Environnement et Infrastructure DevOps avec Microsoft Azure

Jason Hermitage

Speaker: Jason Hermitage

Vice President, PS, Microsoft Canada

As Vice President of Public Sector, Jason works with all levels of government to help them apply technology to enable strategic change to their business, cascading to better service delivery for (and on behalf of) Canadians

Jason’s Microsoft career started in 2002 and has taken him from Redmond, WA, to Fort Lauderdale, FL, to Paris, France before returning to his home in Canada. His work spans from leading the marketing initiatives of Microsoft’s $3B+ Server business, to growing the Latin American server business by double digits, and serving as the Chief-of-Staff to the President of Microsoft International where he visited 25+ countries each year.


Presenting Sessions

Empowering Digital Transformation across Canada’s with Microsoft Azure

Gaétan Labrecque

Speaker: Gaétan Labrecque

VisionTI - Vice-President Consulting Services


Presenting Sessions

Azure Backup et Azure Site Recovery

Martin Lessard

Speaker: Martin  Lessard

Levio - Architecte organique


Presenting Sessions

Expérience pratique de développement Azure

Jean-Jacques Levesque

Speaker: Jean-Jacques  Levesque

InCycle Software - Coach Senior/Consultant


Presenting Sessions

Dev Ops with VSTS and Azure

Alain Martel

Speaker: Alain  Martel

Chef des technologies de l'information, Festival d'été international de Québec


Presenting Sessions

FEQ - Case Study - Q&A

Olivier Martin

Speaker: Olivier Martin

Microsoft - Azure Incubation Team (Americas)

- Engineer, member of the Quebec Order of Engineers with a master’s degree in Business
Administration from Kellogg School of Management and Schulich School of Business
- Held direct responsibilities for 7 managers and indirectly for 70 employees
- Strong business acumen and strong corporate finance understanding
- Diverse industry experience : software, telecommunications, public utilities and technologies


Presenting Sessions

Azure Hybrid Network et ExpressRoute
Chalt talk - Azure Networking (niveau 300)